Tuesday, November 26, 2013

First they came prenatally for Down syndrome

"If Life does not win the debate then we will continue down a slippery slope of silent eugenics eliminating all classified “defectives”. First they came prenatally for Down syndrome, then they came for females, then for Autism, then they came for…..?"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A heart for LIFE or death

Approximately half of all infants born with Down syndrome have a heart defect, and successful surgery allows many children with these heart conditions to thrive as well as any child with Down syndrome who is born with a normal heart. This is awesome news for children with Down syndrome who survive to postnatal status, but 90%+ of these beautiful children receive a heart and life ending judgment by a misguided culture that views them as "defective."

Monday, November 11, 2013

Washington Times Letter - "Obamacare funds aborting Down syndrome"

"Obamacare provides funding for abortion, the procedure being used to terminate the majority of children with Down syndrome. The reality many disability advocates fail to address is that only 10 percent or less of children who survive from prenatal to postnatal, pre-existing Down syndrome can access health care coverage. Why should the disability community be excited about health coverage that funds the instrument being used to terminate 90 percent of individuals diagnosed with a prenatal, pre-existing condition they claim to champion?"

Save the Pandas AND Down syndrome

"I think pandas are amazing creatures, and it would be a real tragedy if these mammals were to become extinct. My amazing 10 year old daughter Chloe who has Down syndrome is also an endangered mammal species with a 90%+ termination rate once identified prenatally in the womb habitat. Mammals that have Down syndrome have a unique genetic code, and they bring incalculable amounts of joy, love and purity into our culture. They are also, like the panda, a species we cannot allow to become extinct."