Monday, February 15, 2010

Down Syndrome, Search and Destroy

"The screening of unborn babies for Down syndrome with a new national screening programme is further manifestation of a culture of death. It is a search and destroy programme that has as its sole objective the termination of the lives of unborn children. An abortion is the ultimate discrimination against those with a disability. This is eugenics which proclaims that only the perfect have a right to be born. The screening programme is a further major step on the slippery slope."


wildflowerpress said...

To your knowledge are there any statistics as to the number of supposed down's babies who were aborted that may not actually have had down's syndrome? I am writing a book on this subject and would be very interested in learning this statistic, if one exists. - Thank you!

Lioralourie said...

I did a startpage search for {"down syndrome" prenatal test safe "false positive" rate} and got these.

"There was also one false positive among the 57 samples without the extra chromosome 21. "

Quad test, with an 81% sensitivity for Down Syndrome and 5% false-positive rate.

but the real question is, what is the reason we care? Is it "ok" to abort a baby with Ds but the "normal ones" we throw a fit about losing? The new tests are supposed to be more accurate. So more normal babies can be saved. And more Ds babies can be aborted.

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