Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is the soul of our nation that is 'deformed'

Father of Down Syndrome Child: "it is the soul of our nation that is 'deformed'"

Impressive Pittsburgh conference


GrannyGrump said...

Our society's war on children with Down syndrome has at least 13 times the level of collateral damage of combat bombing missions in Afghanistan. For every 100 terrorists, suicide bombers, and IED-planting "insurgents" that we kill, we accidentally kill no more than 22 non-targeted civilians. But for every 100 kids with Down syndrome that we detect in-utero and abort, we cause the deaths of 300 genetically standard "civilian" babies.

What are we so afraid of, that this is an acceptable level of collateral damage?

Where is our supposed love of "diversity" when we're willing as a society to kill three normal babies in order to weed out one that looks different, thinks differently?

It's disgusting. Chloe isn't any kind of danger to society. Yet people treat babies like her as if they're more dangerous than a dozen armed and aggressive terrorists hell-bent on jihad.

Margaret said...

Mr. Kondrich,
You have a beautiful little girl and my prayers are with you in your fight for the soul of America. I have never been more concerned for our country than I am today and I believe our only hope is to return to God and to the values upon which this country was founded.

God bless you.